Ilo Mini Maison is a dynamic and ambitious company.  Its mission: to give you access to affordable housing inspired by our commitment to eco-friendly and comfortable, stylish and high-quality design. ilo’s factory built houses are, in a word, optimized! 

A tiny house has many advantages: an affordable housing option, a tiny house will also save you money over the long term. An ilo also allows you to minimize your environmental footprint. Plus, the single-module house is sized to provide a range of installation options letting you choose how best to integrate your home with the environment. 

Every inch of space is ingeniously designed to accommodate you, ensuring total comfort without compromise. By using high-quality materials, ilo's tiny houses are as cozy year-round as any conventional house.  Every model offers a range of options that let you personalize the interior according to your own needs and tastes.

An ilo tiny house is:

- Optimized in a climate controlled modern factory to deliver you the best result

-built to reduce your ecological footprint

-built with high-end materials and meets the highest construction standards

- easy-to-install and easy-to-move on all types of terrain

-entirely energy self-sufficient

-a viable housing solution for cities


Josée Bilodeau


For over 30 years, Josée Bilodeau has worked as a project manager in the residential, industrial, and commercial property sectors. Throughout the years, she has thrived in the field of construction, and earned a remarkable reputation by managing highly successful projects.

Josée Bilodeau is now the president of ilo Mini Maison. She is driven by her desire to challenge conventions and to design affordable and comfortable, eco-friendly and high-quality products. 

She is committed to the tiny house movement, which she believes is the future of real estate. She spends her time reaching out to as many people as possible and promoting the many advantages of downsizing and simple living.