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Easy to Install

No matter where you are in North America, if there’s road access to your property, we can install your ilo!

The single-module, 12” wide unit, which takes only a few weeks to make, can be shipped easily and cost-effectively. And your ilo can be quickly installed on any foundation. Hook up your ilo to basic utilities, such as drinking water and sewer systems, and it’s ready to welcome you and your family!

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Owner and Free

Being the owner of a tiny house expresses your desire to live life differently, honour the environment and contribute to the development of a new urbanisation model, and your dream to live simply, free from financial constraints.

And if you decide you want a change of scenery? Just move your mobile ilo somewhere else. It’s easy!



If you want your ilo to be completely autonomous and to live “off the grid”, our units come with various clean technology options like gas heaters, solar panels, grey-water and rainwater recovery systems, and composting toilets, which do not require being connected to municipal electric, sewer, or water systems to function efficiently.


Exclusive Design

An ilo is stylish and contemporary, but also surprisingly solid and functional.  Crafted from beautiful materials, its multi-use rooms and generous fenestration, which offer you an incomparable view of your surroundings, makes your tiny house a living space in sync with your lifestyle.

The ilo’s furniture design, high-end finishes and ingenious details invite you and your family to settle in, and make it easy to add your own elegant personal touches to your cozy new home where you can live year-round in total comfort. 


Minimize Your Ecological Footprint

The ilo is very eco-friendly thanks to its small dimensions, clever layout and use of high-performance materials. Our tiny houses meet Novoclimat (2.0) and LEED standards which means they save energy and minimize the use of precious natural resources throughout the manufacturing process.

You can make your ilo even more eco-aware and environmentally-friendly by choosing from a variety of options like solar panels or grey-water recovery systems.

Here at ilo, respect for the environment is not just a slogan. We take our eco-responsibility seriously. Respect for the environment informs all our processes from start to finish, beginning at the factory with our scrap materials recovery program.

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A Solution for Crowded Urban Areas

Our unimodular homes are also a viable housing solution for cities.  A neighborhood of tiny houses on small lots can boost the local economy and reduce urban sprawl.

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